everything The Team

everything The Team
  • perfiles_Ale.png
    Alejandro Raizman

    Founder & CEO

  • perfiles_Gus-1.png
    Gustavo Serrano

    Founder & COO

  • perfiles_Pablo.png
    Pablo Raizman

    Chief Financial Officer

  • perfiles_Ger-1.png
    Germán Gutierrez

    Chief Creative Officer

  • perfiles_Tincho-1.png
    Martín Bacelo

    Chief Creative Officer

  • perfiles_vane-1.png
    Vanesa Sorianello

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • perfiles_Pedro-1.png
    Pedro Astelarra

    Chief Digital Officer

  • perfiles_Maca-1.png
    Macarena Piñeiro Sanchez

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • perfiles_Bren-1.png
    Brenda Nahir Hernandez

    Graphic Designer

  • perfiles_Kaplan-1.png
    Gustavo Kaplan

    Audio Visual Specialist

  • perfiles_Alberto-1.png
    Alberto Freixas

    Social Media Specialist

  • perfiles_lauty.png
    Laura Lago

    Graphic Designer Affiliate

  • perfiles_Meli-1.png
    Melina Pariente

    Copywriter Affiliate

  • perfiles_coni-1.png
    Constanza Rodriguez

    Graphic Designer Affiliate

  • perfiles_lauchi.png
    Laura Factorovich

    Graphic Designer Affiliate

  • perfiles_Fer.png
    Fernando Rodriguez

    Illustrator Affiliate

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